Nuvolinq supplies and supports routers and sim cards that provide internet services for IoT devices.  With connectivity in over 175 countries, they provide essentially connections to businesses whose network access is mission critical to their operations.   They needed a solution that could simplify fulfilment, and digitize support for their devices in the field.

With Openscreen Track, Nuvolinq was able to:

  • Create a unique, trackable QR code for every router and sim
  • Retrieve the last known status information for routers
  • Easily identify offline routers and send details to their cloud management system
  • Have customers submit a support ticket with only a camera scan
  • Allow technicians to diagnose and report router details to the support team

Nuvolinq was able to transform their fulfilment and customer support experience by configuring simple yet sophisticated workflows into Openscreen Track QR Codes.  The resulting solution allowed Nuvolinq to decrease response time, decrease downtime and increase customer satisfaction.


Dori collected 2,000+ contacts as well as various other demographic data with its contactless sampling campaign at the Yonge & Eglinton Centre.


Dori, an automated mobile gifting business, wanted to measure the impact & efficacy of its sampling campaign and learn more about its specific users.

With Openscreen Engage, Dori was able to:

  • – Create a master QR Code to be displayed on the contactless vending machine
  • – Capture all scan records when scanned
  • – Trigger scan intent by directing users to the branded Dori web-form, hosted by Openscreen
  • – Capturing and storing 2,000+ contacts as well as additional user data that was important to Dori

Dori was able to capture 2,000+ consenting contacts in a single campaign at a single location. With this data, Dori was able to determine exactly who was engaging with their sampling campaign and can can use this data to explore additional expansion opportunities with brand partners.

“Openscreen Engage powers the entire lifecycle of our contactless sampling redemption campaign and allows us to discover who our customers really are”

– Noam Hazan, Founder

Maple & Lather measured its print advertising with Openscreen Engage QR Codes


Maple & Lather, an online retailer of luxe, clean and responsibly sourced soaps and candles, wanted to measure the performance and audience engagement of a series of advertisements

With Openscreen Engage, Maple & Lather was able to:

    • – Create a discount and scan-to-win offer to integrate with their advertising campaign
    • – Capture new leads and drive sales directly at the point of advertisement
    • – Track the performance of 15 separate advertising locations in a metropolitan area
    • – Build their prospect and customer base via integration to their CRM platform

Maple & Lather was able to increase the size of their marketing database by 25% while isolating the most effective advertising locations for future campaigns.

“Maple & Lather was able to increase the size of their marketing database by 25% while isolating the most effective advertising locations for future campaigns.”

– Stephanie Watson, Founder

The Gatineau Olympiques met 500 customers in under a minute using Openscreen Engage


The Gatineau Olympiques embarked on a program where they could get to know their fans on a more direct basis. What they needed was a frictionless, yet compelling way to meet their loyal fans, while they were in their seats.

With Openscreen Engage, the Olympiques were able to:

  • – Create a compelling scan-to-win customer engagement campaign
  • – Capture consenting contacts in real time during brief promotional windows
  • – Engage directly with fans by sending confirmation SMS messages
  • – Populate their new CRM platform via Openscreen’s plug-in to Klaviyo

In just 90 seconds of promotional time, the Olympiques were able to populate their CRM with over 750 opt-in customers on average per game. The resulting 20% fan engagement rate showed a true win-win for both the Olympiques and their loyal fan base.

”For the first time, we were able to connect and know who was actually sitting in our seats”

– Genevieve Lalonde

The Dental Store launched a personalized, contactless eCommerce platform using Openscreen Commerce


Dental offices are an ideal place to sell professional-grade toothbrushes, but how could Procter & Gamble work with dentists to prescribe and sell these products in a frictionless way?

With Openscreen Commerce, P&G was able to

  • Create a frictionless scan-to-purchase solution that could be used in any dental office
  • Use unique and trackable QR Codes to measure individual dentist and practice results
  • Gather new insights into the demographics of their purchasing consumers
  • Increase the sale of their products using a new and innovative channel

Procter & Gamble was able to grow their leadership position in the electric brush space using the Openscreen Commerce solution.

”Openscreen Commerce allows me to prescribe a product that drives better health outcomes without having the hassle of payment processing, inventory management and fulfilment”

– Dr. Jeff Glaizel, DDS

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